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Compassionate Care is our founding principle

The founders of Asbury Towers had a dream and a desire to help the local community when it came to caring for the elderly. 

They knew the local elderly population went without a place to call home.  So they founded place that could give the elderly love and compassionate care — where someone was always available to be there when needed. 

Our founders, May Hammond, Adda Hutcheson and Jane Hays had a clear understanding of what healthcare in the greater Greencastle area was all about.  Adda was married to Walter, a prominent doctor in the area, and he would come home and explain to her how his elderly patients would die alone without medical, mental or physical support.  He would commonly come home frustrated about the demise of his older patients.  Many were found in their homes with no one to take care of them and no family to be found. 

Once Adda informed her sisters, they sprang into action — working on a resolution to a problem that persisted in their community.  In doing so, they established what eventually became known as Asbury Towers. Fifty-plus years later, the legacy continues and Asbury Towers continues to strive to give person-centered healthcare.

In our efforts to continuously make a difference in our community, we are striving to continue the tradition of providing a place in Greencastle, and the greater Putnam County, where all are welcome. 

Asbury Towers have been a leader in our local community for more than fifty-five (55) years.  We are a faith-based organization where we place your values first. We want the dedicated residents of our community to have a place they can call home.  We refuse to have the institution-style living offered by many places.  Here at Asbury, we insist on being a family.  Our family members are cared for by our passionate and loving team of experts who go the extra mile. 

Come in and join us for a lifestyle of comfort, caring, and compassionate care.