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Asbury Towers is committed to the safety and health of our staff, residents, and the families we serve. We follow and support any federal, state, and local guidelines. All staff are expected to wear a mask, and visitors are highly encouraged to wear a mask during high county transmission levels. Any other personal protective equipment should be worn as needed to follow our facility infection control policies and the guidance of federal and state guidelines.

As we hear about latest information, we will educate our staff, residents, and visitors on new CDC guidance, infection prevention and best practices in infection control. We do this by weekly letters to family and residents, and by signs posted at doors and throughout the building.

We encourage self-screening for our staff and visitors who enter our building, as this is an important strategy to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19. If you have confirmed COVID-19 infection or compatible symptoms, we ask you defer non-urgent in-person visitation until meeting CDC criteria for healthcare settings to end isolation.

For visitors who have had close contact with someone with COVID-19 infection, it is safest to defer non-urgent in-person visitation until 10 days after close contact if meeting criteria described in CDC healthcare guidance. Staff who have a confirmed case or high-risk exposure will follow current CDC healthcare guidance to return to work. For symptoms of COVID-19 please visit for information.

Updated information from our facility can be found on our Facebook page, website or our weekly letters sent to family and residents. The latest COVID-19 information can be found at and the latest CMS information can be found at .